Wednesday, 1 June 2011

It's Started!

So today I registered with the foundation programme website and submitted my general application form - that was just a basic one where I listed my personal details, qualifications, referees and where I wanted to apply. I found it a bit odd only being allowed to apply for 3 schools, but then some of the foundation schools cover fairly big areas (Scotland is one school, despite there being 4 and a half medical schools and 4 postgraduate deaneries there). The first of my school-specific applications could be sent in on the 6th, which is rather a scary thought and it only gives me a couple of days to perfect my responses to deliberately difficult and vague questions with stupidly short word limits. That said, the forms for 2 of the 3 schools I'm applying for have been available for a while, so I have been working on them. The third is and online only form which isn't yet available, although they have published the questions which will be asked so I can prep them too. It's all starting to feel a bit too real now that I've officially enrolled in this round of applications though - eek!

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