Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Exams Pt II

Written exams are now done! It feels incredibly odd to know that if I've passed, I won't sit another written exam until I do my membership papers.

There was another MEQ this morning, which was probably on a par with Monday's paper in terms of difficulty/weirdness. There were good psych and paeds questions, and a decent obstetric one too, which I'm happy about. There was a pretty tricky one on burns management, which everyone seemed to have found difficult, but the rest was fine. Once again I was first to leave, which made me a bit paranoid that I'd misinterpreted something that was actually more difficult/time consuming than I'd thought, but I think overall it went reasonably well (although the invigilator did say they were going to make me a more difficult paper so I took longer next time..).

This afternoon was the SBA (single best answer) paper, which is well known for being incredibly difficult because for a lot of the questions, there will be two answers which are correct, but you have to chose the one that's "most" correct. The majority were relatively obvious though, or at least possible to work out using first principles. Funnily enough after a Twitter debate last night (I'm @the_learnaholic) on the relevance of hypoxic drive, a question about an acute exacerbation of COPD came up. I left this exam first too, which makes me think that I read abnormally quickly! I was home and in the bath before the exam was even over...

Well, only the OSCE on Tuesday left to study for. There'a revision day at uni tomorrow which I'm hoping will be useful, as I'm never too sure how to prepare for OSCEs. I also went on the Ask Doctor Clarke revision courses earlier this year, which should prove useful.

Hope everyone else with exams is getting through without too much stress! xxx

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