Sunday, 7 August 2011

Makes Sense!

Yesterday I got back from a week's volunteering with Sense (, who are the UK's national deafblind charity. A group of volunteers took 5 young boys with multisensory impairment (as well as other needs/difficulties) away to the Cotswalds for a week, where we swam, ice skated, go-karted, ate, drank, laughed and generally had a fantastic time. This was my third holiday with Sense (those of you who also read my OTW-related posts may have gathered that I'm a bit of a volunteering addict), although my first with children as I'd previously worked with adults. I cannot describe adequately what a special experience this kind of work is. It is, however, rather tiring, thus I have spent most of the time since I got home sleeping. This got me thinking - I am exhausted after just a week. How on earth do parents/carers who look after these kids full time manage? I have the utmost respect for anyone who looks after someone with these kind of complex needs.

After such a good week, I'm feeling pretty positive. This is in no small part due to the fact that on Monday, I received an email inviting me to interview for an AFP at the end of the month. There are two short interviews, one regarding clinical issues and the other on academic/portfolio issues. I am absolutely terrified as I have no idea what to expect. I'm going to make sure I've read over my application and know everything there is to know about anything I've mentioned. The last time I had any kind of serious interview was when I applied to medical school so I feel a bit out of practise... Any tips greatfully received!

Hope all the students reading have had exam success and are enjoying the summer and all junior docs are settling into their new jobs :) x

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