Monday, 31 December 2012

Obligatory "end of year" blogging

2012 is drawing to a close and it's been quite a year!

I'm going to start off by looking back at my resolutions from the start of the year and seeing how I've done. I helpfully wrote them down here so I have no excuses and can't pretend I achieved everything! So, what was I attempting to do?

- Get fit again. Mission failed! I have been a lot more active this year and made a serious effort to walk rather than getting the bus etc etc, but for numerous reasons I haven't really got properly into exercising the way I'd intended to.
- Start eating properly again. Mission partially accomplished. I still have my moments, but am by and large doing a lot better than I was a year ago. This is probably due to finally admitting that I had an issue with things, which is something I should've done years ago.
- Sort out my finances. Mission partially accomplished. I've only been earning "proper" money for 5 months, but the credit card and overdraft are cleared and I'm chipping away at the student debt (albeit slowly).
- Attempt to be more positive. Mission partially accomplished. As with eating, I still have my moments, but I was described at work as "that quine* who never stops smiling" so I must be doing alright! *quine = generic term for female in this neck of the woods.
- Graduate and become a doctor. Mission accomplished!

I'm not going to reflect too much on the year as a whole. There have been ups and downs and happy times and sad times, as there will have been for anyone looking back on a 12 month period. Instead, I think it's time to look forward, and to make another set of resolutions I may well not stick to!

So, in 2013 I hope I will:

- Successfully be signed off for my FY1 jobs, gain full GMC registration and start working as an FY2. Fairly obvious I suppose but getting successfully through my first year of work has absolutely got to be a priority.
- Pass the first year of my MSc and PGCert. As above, fairly obvious, but given what I'm shelling out for tuition fees it would be a very expensive mistake if I didn't study enough towards my courses!
- Get in an application for paediatric specialty training. This will probably surprise absolutely noone, but it's a bit scary thinking that I'll be applying in less than a year. I haven't completely decided whether or not to apply for a normal ST (specialty training) post or for an ACF (academic clinical fellowship) instead, but no doubt I'll blog about the pros and cons of each later.
- Buy a car. I have made so many excuses for not doing things because not owning a car makes them difficult. I need to bite the bullet and get one, especially now money is less of an issue.
- Get fit. Again. I say it every year, but eventually I'll stick to it!

Hope you all enjoy seeing in the New Year. I'll be on night shift, so think of me as you tuck into your champagne and canapes!


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