Tuesday, 28 August 2012

That's Life, That's What All The People Say...

Well, the past few weeks have been something of an emotional roller coaster. As well as dealing with some very challenging things at work, I've also split with the guy I was seeing (definitely for the best but I'm still gutted) and lost my Nana (we weren't close but I hate seeing my Dad so upset).

My first run of 12 shifts in a row was really quite exhausting. Being able to switch my alarm clock off when I went to bed on Friday felt like a definite luxury. Even though I don't start work particularly early (9am so the alarm goes off around 7), it's amazing how tiring it can feel just knowing there isn't the option of a lie in at all! The weekend in particular was pretty tough as I was working 12.5 hour days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with very little in the way of senior support.

Being a doctor is much more emotionally demanding than I had anticipated. I'm not sure whether this is because I've also had other stresses in my life or I was just rather naive when I started. I seem to have a lot of patients who are either essentially dying or medically as fit as we can make them but unable to leave the hospital because there are social/care provision issues. I wasn't quite prepared to be discussing end of life care with relatives after only a matter of weeks in the job, nor was I aware that I'd be representing the "medical team" at case conferences and meetings so early in my career.

I'm now on a week of annual leave, which is a bit strange. I hadn't really anticipated having any length of time off so soon after starting work, but we get allocated our leave so someone will always have it in August - and at least I didn't have the first two weeks of the month off like some of my friends did! I'm not doing an awful lot but I get paid on Thursday so maybe I'll do something a bit more exciting when I have some cash...

Nothing more exciting to report, sadly, but my MSc starts in October so I should have something useful to write about then!



  1. Lol, it makes me feel confused :p

    Seein the blogs of other docs make me unsure wether i wanna study medicine or not. Everyone is just complainin how tired they are nd how stressin it is. Whats the good side of bein a doc? Isnt the contact between the patient gud nd nice? I see tht ur workin with kids, must be fun, right?

    P.s first time readin ur blog

  2. Well being a junior doctor IS tiring and stressful. I don't work in paediatrics at the moment although possibly going to do that in the future. Some patient contact is good and a lot is frustrating. From where I am now I can see the satisfaction that someone more senior could get but lots of my job is admin and routine and I don't really have to think a lot. That said, being a junior doctor has always been rubbish and it's much better now than it used to be. This is just a necessary stepping stone to where I hope to be in the future.


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