Saturday, 14 April 2012

Changeover Day

Just over a week or so ago was changeover day,- the day when junior doctors move to new jobs. Under the current UK system, all newly qualified doctors work for two years in "foundation posts" where they spend 6 blocks of 4 months working on a range of specialties and developing the skills they will need for their future careers.

As a student, I don't usually think too much about changeover days. Sometimes it's a shame when they happen halfway through a rotation as the staff you have got to know for a while all change, but that aside they don't really impact on us too much. This last changeover day has played on my mind for one reason, and one reason only. Next changeover day will be the day that I START WORK.

I've probably stated numerous times before that as a graduate medic I've been at uni for seven years. I'm in more debt than I care to think about, my younger sisters are both self-sufficient professionals (as are lots of my friends) and at 25 I feel that it's high time I stopped "tax dodging" and got myself out into the world of work. This does not make the prospect any less terrifying.

If you're planning on being ill at all, try to avoid the first week of August!

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