Thursday, 3 November 2011

I'm A Terrible Blogger!

v note with some shock that it's been 3 months since my last update. Time has flown by pretty quickly and I'm now over 25% of the way through my final year in student-ville. I've been pretty busy so here's a brief update:

- I got back from my elective 2 weeks ago. A couple of months in New Zealand flew by ridiculously quickly. I had a fantastic time there, the people are super friendly, the country is beautiful and I learned loads on my hospital placement. I was based in paediatrics and got loads of hands on experience, including sticking venflons in neonates - something decidedly easier than I'd expected it to be. I'm seriously considering moving out there for specialist training. There were quite a lot of British registrars at the hospital and it's apparently pretty easy to get jobs.

- I have a job!! On 15th September I unfortunately didn't get offered a job in the first offers round, but was placed on the waiting list by two deaneries. However a couple of days later I got an offer for an acamic medical job. After briefly considering what to do, I decided to accept. I've already spoken to one of the consultants I've worked a lot with and he said he's happy for me to do the academic part of my job in paeds, so I'm super happy.

- At the moment I'm on placement in gastroenterology ward. I'm actually really enjoying it and it's been really good for showing me what I know and what I still need to learn. I've also got to do a few practical procedures; last week I got to put in a paracentesis drain which was pretty cool. However, what scares me about this placement is that the first two weeks have already flown by and there are only 6 before the Chr!stm@s holidays, when I'll technically be half was through the year. Terrifying.

Anyway, those are the major updates. I shall attempt to blog more regularly from now on, although no doubt my posts will be more medicine and less job related now the AFP is secured.


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